How to send bulk emails with different attachments? (Mail Merge in Gmail)

What is Mail Merge?
Mail Merge is very interesting and powerful method of Word Processing tool like MS Word which is used to create personalized letters, labels & name tags etc using the data from spreadsheets(excel files), tables of databases.
For example, if you need to send Letter of Appreciation to 100 numbers of your employees. In this case your letter format is same for all but the data like name of employee, employee id, designation etc will be different for each employee. So, by using Mail Merge facility we only need to create the format of letter once and then we can import and merge the data of employees from excel file or database tables and generate 100 personalized letters for each employee in few easy steps in few seconds.

What is Mail Merge in Gmail with Attachments?
Mail Merge facility in gmail is used to send bulk emails having personalized message body and different attachment files for each email.
For example, if you need to send 200 numbers of personalized email to your students sharing their grade sheets. In this case, the email format is same for all students except the name of students, roll number, email id and the grade sheet in pdf files. So, by using Mail Merge facility in Gmail we only need to import the data from excel files or database tables to google spread sheets, the pdf files in google drive and creating the email message format only once. After that in very few easy steps, personalized emails with attachments can be sent to all the students in no time.

Please go through the below video link for complete demonstration for using Mail Merge in Gmail with Attachments :

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