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How to send bulk emails with different attachments? (Mail Merge in Gmail)

➜ What is Mail Merge? Mail Merge is very interesting and powerful method of Word Processing tool like MS Word which is used to create personalized letters, labels & name tags etc using the data from spreadsheets(excel files), tables of databases. For example, if you need to send Letter of Appreciation to 100 numbers of your employees. In this case your letter format is same for all but the data like name of employee, employee id, designation etc will be different for each employee. So, by using Mail Merge facility we only need to create the format of letter once and then we can import and merge the data of employees from excel file or database tables and generate 100 personalized letters for each employee in few easy steps in few seconds. ➜ What is Mail Merge in Gmail with Attachments? Mail Merge facility in gmail is used to send bulk emails having personalized message body and different attachment files for each email. For example, if you need to send 200 numbers of personalized e

Programming in C : Install IDE & Write First C Program

What is C Language ? C is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used to develop software like operating systems, databases, compilers, and so on. C programming is an excellent language to learn to program for beginners. What is IDE ?   An  integrated development environment  ( IDE ) is a  software application  that provides comprehensive facilities to  computer programmers  for  software development . An IDE normally consists of at least a  source code editor ,  build automation  tools and a  debugger . Please go through the below video link to see the process  to download & install the IDE & write your first C program : 👉 Click Here for  Facebook Page 👉 Click Here for Youtube Link Blogger Name:  Pramod Kumar Kushwaha For more information & feedback write email at :  pktipsonline@gmail.com

Excel Tips : How to use VLOOKUP function in Excel ?

What is VLOOKUP in simple words? When you need to extract data from a table based on a particular value, you can use  VLOOKUP  to do that. In  simple terms , it looks at a table in the first column for a specific value and returns a cell in the same row where you choose the column to return from. The VLOOKUP function uses the following arguments: a.            Lookup_value  (required argument) – Lookup_value specifies the value that we want to look up in the first column of a table. b.      Table_array  (required argument) – The table array is the data array that is to be searched. The VLOOKUP function searches in the left-most column of this array. c.           Col_index_num  (required argument) – This is an integer, specifying the column number of the supplied table_array, that you want to return a value from. d.       Range_lookup  (optional argument) – This defines what this function should return in the event that it does not find an exact match t