Change is the Law of Nature

Change is the Law of Nature

These day when i am very far away from home in this Navaratre season, i am thinking of my childhood days.
Durga Pooja was my favourate festival because in these days we get freedom to come home in the late night.
We daily went to Rani Bazar (in Gonda) to see the Durga Pooja pandals and realy feel better in between huge crowed. We taste street snacks specialy paani poori and chat.In morning it was pleasure to have Garma garam Jalebi with Curd. We also made rough statue of Maa Durga by soil and then we do visharjan in the evening. After navaratre, we celebrated dushahra by firing the Ravan made up of Old newspaper. We collect 10 rupees from each member and then buy some Huge sound Patakhe. The Ravan made by us was realy scary because of his long red tongue. The Dada Dadi, Uncle aunty of whole Mohalla always be there in there balcony to watch our celebration. 
After few years............
College days comes...again very dramatic change came to our life.......many guys and gals from our college not able to reach there home because there home was very far away from allahabad,but we altogether celebrated many festival like Diwali, Holi, Durga Pooja, Krishna Janmasthmi and Lohri in such a manner that we able to minimize the pain caused to us because of out of home.

Again after few years......................
We become the working professional.The festival celebration is converted into Office parties, project events, treat after taking new mobile, salary, birthday etc etc..Now there is no excitement of Festival.We just happy to know that we get leave on the occasion of  festival....that is the only joy for us because on dat day we get some time of ourself to relax.Festival days are now become simple ordinary days for us..

But ab aisa to ho nhi skta ki hm log saari zindagi ko aise he guzaar de..........
Thank u very much to god that i have got some very nice friends, college mates, room mates jo hamesha kisi na kisi tarah se jindagi ka hissa bne rhte h...

Na college me ghar ki kami khali and naa yha Pune me....:)


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